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Culnary trip & workshop

"Teamim" cooking school specializes in organizing seminars, fun days, birthdays, employee training for groups and organizations of up to 80 people. Each participant receives a brochure full of recipes.


  • Competitions between the groups and more.

  • A fun filled day begins with a rich breakfast.

  • Continues with a culinary trip to Mahane Yehuda market.

  • And afterwards, the meal cooking workshop.


When was the last time you visited the Mahane Yehuda market and experienced its' fascinating smells and colors?


Teamim'' invites you to choose a culinary tour on the Mahane Yehuda market, unique culinary workshop of your choice, integrated into an unforgettable experience of the real Jerusalem ...


Cooking school ''Teamim'' 


You will learn to cook a compact, professional meal and have fun experimenting with a variety of recipes! School courses are designed for those interested to learn cooking and baking, both on a personal and a professional level.


We will meet you on "Mahane Yehuda" market  in Jerusalem , where we'll have an authentic market breakfast.


Jerusalem light meal in the authentic cofee shop in the market includes  boiled eggs, tahini, pickles, many types of burekas fresh out of the oven (baked thin dough stuffed with cheese Phileas / spinach / potatoes) and Cold / hot drinks




Take a tour of the Mahane Yehuda market, where the participants will enjoy the produce of the market - those that sellers offer in the season:


- Special spices, coffee, cereals and legumes.

- learn to recognize when the fish is fresh

- the world's best cheeses and pastries

- In-house Halvah and Organic Sesame Tahini.


After the tour we come back to the "Taamim" cooking school of chef Yuval Atias, who is known as a college educated, innovative and practical professional.

During the session the participants will have opportunities to expand their knowledge and improve their skills


Register for the cooking workshops conducted by our world-class expert chef who will teach you about innovation, tips and styles, menus, Israeli and international kitchen

A the end we will  serve and eat the fruit of our work plus have some good wine.


Book now!!!


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